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instrument repair san marcos tx


instrument repair san marcos tx


From BackBeat Music: I just finished the restoration of a 1971 Gibson ES 335 yesterday. New tuners, all new Gibson parts - pickup covers, bridge and tailpiece. Cleaned and polished all the remaining hardware as well as the body, neck and head stock. New strings, of course, as well as truss rod, intonation and string height adjustments. I'm happy to say the owner was very pleased with the results!

I love doing this work - great sense of satisfaction when a project is finished. If your guitar needs help, bring it in and let us make it sparkle and sing again!

From the Customer: Greg did an absolutely AMAZING job restoring my beloved ES 335 to an even better state than it was in when I bought it in a pawn shop in 1973 in Denton TX. Greg is a wizard! If your instrument needs any work better let him take a look!